Email Phishing

It is possible that our users will receive e-mails disguised as being from Kryptos-X. This is a scam designed to steal funds from your personal wallet (not your Kryptos-X account).

To avoid Email Phishing make sure:

・check that the sender email has the domain name

・never reply to any emails from suspicious senders

・never give out your private information

Please report the email phishing attempt by sending an email to

URL Spoof Phishing

URL spoofing is the process of creating a fake or forged URL which impersonates a legitimate and secure website. The spoofed URL or website address could looks exactly like the original and safe Kryptos-X URL, but is actually redirecting all the traffic to a 'booby trapped' website.

To avoid URL Spoof Phishing make sure:

・you are visiting

・never install any browser plug-ins that claim to be associated with Kryptos-X

・never make any phone calls to anyone who claims to be a Kryptos-X Support Representative

・never disclose your password / Google authentication code / SMS authentication code / Google authentication key to anyone, including Kryptos-X Support

・never make any transaction or send funds to anyone who claims to be a member of Kryptos-X support

Please report the URL Spoofing attempt by sending an email to